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Infectious Love

Diving deeper into the burden of HIV among Latinas


Thank you for your interest in watching this telenovela called Infectious Love

Infectious Love was co-created with Latino researchers, actors, and a producer, and is available in Spanish and English. The focus of the telenovela is to emphasize the influence of romantic relationships in HIV infection and the influence of different factors such as intimate partner violence (IPV), depression, and substance abuse (SA) in HIV prevention behaviors.​


The proposed study will pilot test Infectious Love through individual access around the clock from any location and device, such as a smartphone, ensuring wide dissemination of the telenovela intervention. By the end of the intervention, we will enable a) navigation of the health care system to access HIV prevention resources; b) understanding of the influence of poorly built environments (e.g., neighborhoods) in HIV prevention; c) understanding the influence of the sociocultural environment (e.g., beliefs) in reducing HIV prevention; d) increased biological vulnerability to HIV (i.e., delay HIV testing); and e) the management of behavioral influences to HIV prevention (e.g., HIV knowledge) in the presence of co-occurring conditions such as SA, IPV, and/or depression.



University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

UNC School of Nursing

Carrington Hall, S Columbia St, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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